HeartWare LVAD Shirt


Designed to be worn underneath your clothing

COLORS: White or Black
SIZES: S-3XL (note-size run small, recommend ordering 1 size larger)
SHIPPING: Orders ship next day by Priority mail

Sizes run small
​Please order 1 size larger then you wear OR use adjusted size chart below

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Added features to make LVAD Life easier!

LVAD Heartware Shirt - HeartWare sales

This HeartWare LVAD Shirt was designed specifically for the HeartWare system.  A double locking system for securing your controller.   This HeartWare controller pocket is the Same system we have been using for over 3 years in all our HeartWare products.  It’s easy to use and now with the addition of the window you can see your system information easy.

Velcro closure on top of battery pockets keep batteries secure during activity.  Special material conceals battery shape and absorbs battery weight

Advanced Technology to make the best Shirt Possible:

We use Anti-Microbial technology in the material to protect against odors, stains, and deterioration caused by bacteria.

Shirts are made with a polyester/spandex material that form fits to your body for comfort and has moisture wicking property’s to keep you cool and dry.

HeartWare LVAD Shirts are available in either black or white in sizes for everyone from small to 3XL. The LVAD shirts are designed to be worn under your clothes and discretely conceal your LVAD device.

Did you know there are 2 different LVAD Controllers?

Do you have a HeartMate or HeartWare Controller?

LVAD HeartWare Controller Picture - HeartWare sales
Picture of a LVAD HeartWare Controller

Purchase a LVAD HeartWare Shirt

HeartWare LVAD Shirt Features

  • Double locking controller pocket
  • Breathable system that allows heat to escape
  • Window to read your system information
  • 2 locking battery pockets made to fit the HeartWare batteries.
  • Works with either side Driveline.
  • Available in Small to 3X
  • Available in Black or White
  • Designed to wear under regular clothing.
  • Ships priority mail, next day.

How to Use LVAD HeartWare Shirts:

1.) Lift bottom flap up and connect 2 small velcro pieces to form a pocket

HeartWare sales

3.) Put batteries in pockets with cable pointed up, and lock pocket with velcro.

2.) Fold top flap down so that 2” velcro locks with bottom flap.

HeartWare sales

4.) Tuck the shirt in on 3 sides leaving the driveline side untucked so your driveline can exit under shirt.

HeartWare sales

The HeartWare system is also available in the Sleeping Belt, Backpack, and a separate LVAD Heartware controller waist bag.

What Customers are Saying About HeartWare LVAD Shirt:

  • I got the LVAD Shirt and it’s Awesome! I love it and the pocket on the right is great for the controller. Karen
  • Mike Loves the new LVAD Shirt!!! Maureen
  • Your Shirt has transformed my husband’s daily routine from totally exhausting to simple…We are both delighted with the comfort and fit of your designed LVAD Shirt. Joyce
  • WOW am I impressed with your LVAD Shirt. It feels and fits great. Love the comfort and coolness of the fabric, the way you designed the pockets for the batteries ad the location of the controller pocket. This shirt makes me feel free. Thanks for designing and selling this shirt. It has changed my life carrying the LVAD equipment. PS I ordered two more to keep them fresh!! Jeff

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Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL


White, Black

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    1. Hi Evan
      Some are modified concealed weapon shirts, others are made by our team. It depends on the size. They all work and function the same being made or reconstructed just for LVAD’s. They also have a 100% guarentee, if you dont like the way it fits or wears, send it back for an exchange or refund.

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