Products created to make your LVAD Life Easier:

  • Lightweight
  • Protected
  • Hidden
  • Contained
  • Unrestricted
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Made in the USA

I’m Brent and my LVAD was placed in 2012 at age 49. This new addition to my body was the new me and I needed to accommodate it. With my career gone, I focused my energies on making LVAD life easier.

Consulting with physical therapists, a world-class clothing designer, and other LVAD people, we developed solutions. Fresh solutions for different activities and lifestyles was one of our primary goals. We found ways to reduce the weight, fit the LVAD to your body, and make daily life easier.

With our new products, my LVAD life became sustainably simpler. I started my days using a shoulder bag, then switched to a vest when I dressed for the day, then used a sleeping belt at night. I also found several innovative methods to easily carry my emergency gear.

Here are the products we have developed since 2012. These items were developed with the LVAD user in mind each step of the way. Every day, we strive to make your LVAD life easier.


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