LVAD Back Pack

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HeartMate Tank Top LVADThe LVAD Backpack  was made to carry your working LVAD or your spare equipment

  • Available in HeartMate 2 and 3
  • Protects LVAD and all cords
  • Conceals LVAD, no one will ever know you have a medical device
  • Water resistant, no worries if you get caught in the rain.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps, one size fits all
  • Low profile, slim design
  • Elastic shoulder straps absorb LVAD weight, reducing body fatigue


Made of Sturdy Water Resistant Canvas and lined with a soft liner, this Backpack has a secure place for your batteries and controller. The Back and bottom are lined with shock absorbing foam to protect your equipment.
Heavy duty zippers come apart at the bottom on both sides to allow your driveline to exit the backpack. Accommodates either side driveline. Zippers are covered all the way around to protect against rain.

This product was suggested and subsequently tested by LVAD people. One customer noted that she could even ride in the car comfortably with this on her back. The foam liner, pads the back so you don’t feel the LVAD. The slim 3” depth is hardly noticeable and fits with your body to reduce fatigue. The whole profile is only 10” wide by 13” tall.

We will be stocking 2 versions to accommodate either the HeartMate or HeartWare brand LVAD’s. Please be careful to check the correct version when ordering. Please note this item is water resistant, not water proof.
Do not use as a shower bag, bathing, or swimming. It is not water proof.

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HeartMate, HeartWare

5 reviews for LVAD Back Pack

  1. MJ Underwood

    I have to say I love this backpack, I love having my hands and arms free to move around. It’s perfect, would like to see it in other colors

    • Brent (store manager)

      Thank you MJ for your review. The backpack really does help keep hands free and keeps everything together on the back for easy carrying. We are looking into other colors.

  2. alena thibert (verified owner)

    I bought this backpack and I love it! This is my favorite so far, I can move around without feeling the weight. I drive with it on and don’t even feel bulky on my back. I highly recommend this backpack!

  3. Melinda Havies (store manager)

    Purchase the backpack for my mother and she loves it. It helps with balancing the weight of the device, she say she barely feels it. Definitely recommend

  4. Tammy W (verified owner)

    I have tried purses and backpacks, but until I tried your purses and backpack ,I can do so much more especially the backpack really helps take the pressure off your body! I don’t get as winded and I don’t have to as much pain😃 Wish u had cuter women products, had to get a man’s backpack that I love, just wish u had different women selection, thank u for all of your products 😇

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Martin Metrras
1 year 11 days ago

I have a HeartMate-3. Looking at your photos, I do not see a front strap. I am a hiker and will need as sternum strap. If not could, could one be easily added? My 25 pound backpack just became 50 lbs. I will need a cart for the 50 pounds and a backpack for the LVAD. Plan is to walk Camino de Santiago next year.

11 months 14 days ago

Hi Martin, It is easy for us to add a strap or two straps wherever you want it. I am working on a new product also that may fit your needs. Please contact me direct and we can go over the details.

s or on someone of

Ken Maxwell
1 year 6 months ago

Does the backpack require a longer controller driveline? Or does the existing Heartmate III driveline fit?

1 year 6 months ago

Good Question Ken, almost everyone has enough driveline to work on the backpack. There are some people who do not, it kind of seems to be people with a larger stature. Like all our items if something does not work, it should be returned and refunded or exchanged.

Kelli Williams
1 year 9 months ago

My husband just recently had bivads put in, would this accommodate 2 vads or do you have something that would if not?

1 year 9 months ago

Hi Kelli, we have several solutions that have worked for people with bi-vads. I welcome you to call me to work out the best solution for your husband.

3 years 1 month ago

Does this for the HeartMate 3?

3 years 14 days ago

There are two versions of the backpack just be sure to order the one for the HeartMate. It will fit the HeartMate 2 or 3.

John thomas
4 years 1 month ago

Concerned that the exposed driveline could catch on something. OTherwise looks good.

4 years 1 month ago

Hi John, the driveline is exposed a little when using the backpack for your LVAD in use. It was originally designed for carrying the spare equipment, but many people started using it for their “active” LVAD. Please check out the vests which hold everything inside, or the shirts which are meant to be worn as a undershirt and hold everything.

David McGregor
4 years 1 month ago

does your product allow for a left side drive line ?

4 years 1 month ago

The back pack is made to accommodate either side driveline. There are two separate backpacks for HeartMate or HeartWare.