LVAD Vests For Men and Ladies

LVAD weight

Ladies Gold Quilted Vest – Limited Edition:

  • Safe & discreetly holds batteries, controller, & cables
  • All pockets secured at the top
  • Outside Pockets for personalized items
  • Zipper closure
  • Tie in the back for a more personalized fit
  • Mesh controller pocket on both sides
  • Fashionable lining

5 LVAD Vest Styles to Choose From!

LVAD Vest Features

  • Elastic Shoulder straps absorb LVAD Weight
  • Inside Pockets keep cords and controller safe
  • Adjustable Shoulder and waist Straps
  • Outside pockets for personal items
  • 2 sided velcro loops along pockets to hold and protect extra cord

For HeartWare LVAD Shirts order the separate "controller waist pack"

The heart and soul of the LVAD Vests are the elastic shoulder straps that absorb all the weight.  No more neck or back aches!

These LVAD Vests were designed just for LVAD’s!  With the LVAD Gear vests, there is no need to unplug the batteries to put them into the vest.  They drop in from the top along with extra cord and fasten with strong Velcro. 2-sided Velcro loops are added next to the pockets to secure the extra cord. Pockets sit underneath the arms, helping to distribute the weight evenly to reduce body fatigue and allow for unrestricted movement. This design feature is credited to the Physical Therapists that helped me at the hospital. The adjustable waist strap allows for those times when you want to relax and leave it loose or when you want it closed tight to keep it hidden. Buy now and start enjoying your LVAD Life!