(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my Drive-line reach? Does it matter which side my drive-line is on?

    On all vests there are controller pockets on each side to accommodate either side drive-line.
    On shirts sized small through XL, the controller pocket is located in the center as low as possible. On 2X and 3X we move the controller pocket to the side where your drive-line originates.​

  • How do I feed my batteries and controller into the shirt or vest?

    All of our products are made so there is no need to disconnect anything. Both batteries and controller easily drop into the top of pockets. Allow your drive-line to come under your shirt, then drop the controller and batteries into their respective pockets.

  • Do you make custom sizes?

    There is separate drop down size options for the 2x and 3x. Sizes larger than that just click on the box custom and then enter in your waist measurement. We will add 5″ to your size to allow for the LVAD. We commonly make sizes up to 60″, although larger is not a problem. It is helpful to know your height. If you still have questions email us directly at lvadgear@live.com

  • How do you wash Shirts, Tanks and Sleeping Belts?

    Machine wash cold.
    Do not bleach.
    Tumble Dry Low Heat.
    Do not iron.
    Do not dry clean.

  • How do you wash Vests?

    Machine wash warm with similar colors.
    Tumble Dry Low Heat.
    Do not dry clean.
    You can iron.

    How to clean Leather Vests?

    Leather Garments must be cleaned by professionals specializing in leather care.

  • How do you get VELCRO® to stick again?

    Clean them with a firm toothbrush. Brushing them with a toothbrush is one of the quickest and easiest ways to revitalize VELCRO® Brand fasteners – plus, you’ll probably already have a spare one in the bathroom cupboard! Lay the hook and loop fasteners flat and then brush them with short, hard strokes to remove any debris.

  • John

    What are the sizes available?

    • Brent (store manager)

      small through 3x. We plan to offer a 4x soon.

  • Stefane Catlett (verified owner)

    If the belt does not work is it returnable?

    • julie (store manager)

      Yes, it is returnable.

  • David McGregor (verified owner)

    does your product allow for a left side drive line ?

    • Brent (store manager)

      The back pack is made to accommodate either side driveline. There are two separate backpacks for HeartMate or HeartWare.

  • Claudio Fanni

    Dear Shop
    I have a question.
    My fhather have a Lvad Heartmate III.
    Can I have a measures of your t-shirt for my correct buy by your web site?
    I mean the chest and length measurements for each size.
    Thanks, Claudio Fanni

    • Brent (store manager)

      If your on the website and click on the HeartMate shirt photo, the size chart will come up. Here are the sizes for your convenience.
      sm 30-32
      med 34-36
      lg 38-40
      xl 42-44
      2x 46-48
      3x 50-52

  • Neal Johnson

    Question please – in your illustration of the HEARTMATE shirt it spear that the control line is much longer than mine, given the anchor and all. Is there a minimum length of the control line necessary for the practical use of your shirt? Thanks.

    • Brent (store manager)

      In surveying people we found most people have a minimum of 18″ of driveline. So all our products are made to accommodate 18″ of driveline. On the 2x and 3x sizes we move the controller pocket to the side with the driveline, so there is enough to reach the pocket. It is pretty rare someone doesn’t have enough driveline to reach the pocket.


    Are you going to design a mesh vest for the Heartware LVADs?

    • Brent (store manager)

      We have made many designs of the vest for HeartWare LVAD’s, but none of them worked. So far the best solution is the regular vest and the controller pack pack we sell separately. That is our original design the Physical and Occupational Therapists helped design. It distributes the weight more evenly between the waist and the shoulders, greatly reducing body fatigue.

  • Jeanette Lanksbury (verified owner)

    I am purchasing this shirt for my brother and am not sure which option to choose for the drive line placement. Please explain.

    • Brent (store manager)

      Hi Jeanette, If the size is xl or smaller it doesn’t matter which side the Driveline exits his body. On the 2x and 3x we move the controller pocket closer to where the driveline exits the body. Sometimes people don’t have enough driveline to reach the center of the shirt in these sizes. Hope your brother is doing well.

  • Connie Walker

    Brad do the new woman’s vests fit heartware vads?

    • Brent (store manager)

      The batteries for the HeartWare will fit in the vest pockets, but you will need to purchase the separate controller waist pack for HeartWare.

  • Jesse Williams

    Where do the batteries go…do you have special battery clip on or snap on carriers that attach to this Hearts are Controller Pack ?

    • Brent (store manager)

      The controller pack we make is only to hold the controller when wearing one of our vests. The vests have pockets for batteries and cover all the cables for safety and appearance. The controller pack puts the controller weight on the waist, while the vests distribute the battery weight on the shoulders. This system of weight distribution along with the elastic shoulder straps reduces fatigue on the body.

  • Kaydonovan (verified owner)

    What size in inches is small in belt

    • Brent (store manager)

      The controller belts go out to 40″ max in a small. They are best suited for 38″ or smaller waist.

  • SUE


    • Brent (store manager)

      Hi Sue
      The HeartMate shirts fit either the HeartMate 2 or 3. Thanks for asking

  • Evan saylor

    Is this a modified concealed weapon please?

    • Brent (store manager)

      Hi Evan
      Some are modified concealed weapon shirts, others are made by our team. It depends on the size. They all work and function the same being made or reconstructed just for LVAD’s. They also have a 100% guarentee, if you dont like the way it fits or wears, send it back for an exchange or refund.

  • Kay donovan (verified owner)

    What size waist is small and medium

    • Brent (store manager)

      The sizing has changed on these and we no longer have 6 different sizes. We now do a small/Medium which is the one at 40″.

  • Linda Ribble

    Is the mesh vest returnable if it doesn’t fit the way he wants it to?

    • Brent (store manager)

      Hi Linda, all our items are returnable for exchange or refund. We have a 15 day return policy and there could be a $10 cleaning charge if it’s been used extensively.

  • Evan

    Will the shoulder bag work with a heart ware LVAD?

    • Brent (store manager)

      The newly redesigned shoulder bag works with either type LVAD (HeartWare or HeartMate). It is currently only shown in Black, but we also have a Khaki color and two new ladies rose patterns. All are in stock, just not shown. If your interested in one of the item not shown, please contact me on the contact us page.

  • Thomas Williams

    I am wanting to order the leather vest, but am curious as to sizing. I believe I need an XL, but a lot of times how things are sized variates. If I order an XL what do I do if it does not fit right? Can it be returned for another size? Thank you.

    • Brent (store manager)

      Hi Thomas
      Size exchanges are free, quick and easy. The Leather vests run very true to normal size, but exchanges are no problem.

  • Martin Goers

    I had my heart mate 3 surgery 3 weeks ago and I’m looking for lvad shirts, the problem I’m having is I wear 3x so I’m looking for a 4x since you say they run small. Any help or ideas would be great

    • Brent (store manager)

      Hello Martin,
      Thanks for asking, unfortunately the 3xlarge is the largest size we have for the heart mate 3 at this point. We may be expanding the line in the future in which case it may suit your needs better. You might try the 3xlarge size and see how it fits you. If it is not to your liking/ or fit we can refund your purchase. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  • John thomas

    Concerned that the exposed driveline could catch on something. OTherwise looks good.

    • Brent (store manager)

      Hi John, the driveline is exposed a little when using the backpack for your LVAD in use. It was originally designed for carrying the spare equipment, but many people started using it for their “active” LVAD. Please check out the vests which hold everything inside, or the shirts which are meant to be worn as a undershirt and hold everything.

  • Jennifer

    Does this for the HeartMate 3?

    • Brent (store manager)

      There are two versions of the backpack just be sure to order the one for the HeartMate. It will fit the HeartMate 2 or 3.

  • Mike

    I need3x shirt but am a little confused about driveline. It comes out on MY LEFT SIDE, so would I order a left side shirt?

    • Brent (store manager)

      If you have a left side driveline you would order a left side shirt. Sometimes people that wear the 2x and 3x don’t have enough driveline to reach the center so we move the pocket a little to one side or the other. We can also put it in the center if requested.

  • Susan Peterson

    Does the white Ladies vest also have elastic straps like the cotton twill does?

    • Brent (store manager)

      Hi Susan, we have 2 ladies vests in white. The Mesh vest you looked at does have the weight absorbing straps like the twill vests. We also make the “White Diamond” vest. This is a more traditional and formal vest. It does not have the straps, but has the fabric going over the shoulders.

      • Susan Peterson (verified owner)

        Thank you. I have since then ordered the white mesh vest. I also have the White Diamond Vest for a year now. I rcvd the purse and I love the elastic strap on my shoulders. Less pressure and no binding. Thank you!

        • julie (store manager)

          Perfect – Thanks for the business and message!

  • Nena

    Hi, is this item appropriate for HM 3? Thank you for you answer.

    • julie (store manager)

      The Heartware Controller Pack is only for the HeartWare LVAD device.  All our products are designed with a HeartMate controller pocket built-in, and do not require a separate waist pack.

  • Kelli Williams

    My husband just recently had bivads put in, would this accommodate 2 vads or do you have something that would if not?

    • Brent (store manager)

      Hi Kelli, we have several solutions that have worked for people with bi-vads. I welcome you to call me to work out the best solution for your husband.

  • Ken Maxwell

    Does the backpack require a longer controller driveline? Or does the existing Heartmate III driveline fit?

    • Brent (store manager)

      Good Question Ken, almost everyone has enough driveline to work on the backpack. There are some people who do not, it kind of seems to be people with a larger stature. Like all our items if something does not work, it should be returned and refunded or exchanged.

  • Roberta

    With the vest, where does the HEARTMATE controller go? It is not clear from the photos where the Heartmate controller is put.

    • Brent (store manager)

      Inside the vest there are two pockets on each side. The controller pocket is the mesh one closest to the center.

  • Jan

    Would chest size correlate to ones bra size?

    • Brent (store manager)

      They do not match up exactly. The chest size is a measurement completely around the chest. The bra size is just a measurement of the band. So a larger cup size would add inches. The best way to measure is to go around the bust line. This would be equal to the chest size.

  • Deepika

    Is this Heart mate 3 compatible?

    • Brent (store manager)

      Yes, all of our products are made for the HeartMate 2 or 3.

  • Stella Sulkowski

    Does the belt fit heart mate 3

    • Brent (store manager)

      We make them for both HeartMate and HeartWare. The one for the HeartMate fits both the HeartMate 2 and HeartMate 3.

  • Mark Dangerfield

    Does the mesh vest work with the Heartware LVAD? (This would be for my wife.)

    • Brent (store manager)

      Hi Mark, we make a HeartWare controller pack that sits on the waist. With the pack all of our vests will hold her batteries. It is actually recommended by the Physical Therapists because it distributes the weight over the shoulders and waist. We have a new fishing vest made for LVAD’s coming soon too.

  • Martin Metrras

    I have a HeartMate-3. Looking at your photos, I do not see a front strap. I am a hiker and will need as sternum strap. If not could, could one be easily added? My 25 pound backpack just became 50 lbs. I will need a cart for the 50 pounds and a backpack for the LVAD. Plan is to walk Camino de Santiago next year.

    • Brent (store manager)

      Hi Martin, It is easy for us to add a strap or two straps wherever you want it. I am working on a new product also that may fit your needs. Please contact me direct and we can go over the details.

      s or on someone of

  • Sharon (verified owner)

    I just received my lvad shoulder bag and it’s exactly as shown. The elastic for the batteries I’m sure will hold all day. The strap is the most comfortable one I have ever had. I will definitely be getting another in the future.

    • Brent (store manager)

      Thank you Sharon for your comments on the shoulder bag and strap. We use the strap in many of our products. The stretch absorbs a lot of weight and we apply that concept to most of our products.

  • Jose Vasquez

    Need to get a LVAD shirt
    Does it come fitted or is it loose..
    Using a small one but it’s different than the one seen here..

    • Brent (store manager)

      Our shirts are true to size, however, if your fit is tighter at your current size I would purchase one size up to ensure the right fit. Plus, we also will exchange if the fit isn’t correct. Hopefully this answers your question.

    • Brent (store manager)


  • Beverley Topaz

    Is this suitable for heart mate 3?

    • Brent (store manager)

      Good Morning Beverley. It does fit the HeartMate 3. Hopefully this helps you with your choice. If you have further questions please feel free to respond. Thank you.