(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Drive-line reach? Does it matter which side my drive-line is on?
On all vests there are controller pockets on each side to accommodate either side drive-line.
On shirts sized small through XL, the controller pocket is located in the center as low as possible. On 2X and 3X we move the controller pocket to the side where your drive-line originates.​

When will I receive my order?

Allow two weeks for delivery as each one is individually made.

How do I feed my batteries and controller into the shirt or vest?

All of our products are made so there is no need to disconnect anything. Both batteries and controller easily drop into the top of pockets. Allow your drive-line to come under your shirt, then drop the controller and batteries into their respective pockets.

Do you make custom sizes?

There is separate drop down size options for the 2x and 3x. Sizes larger than that just click on the box custom and then enter in your waist measurement. We will add 5″ to your size to allow for the LVAD. We commonly make sizes up to 60″, although larger is not a problem. It is helpful to know your height. If you still have questions email us directly at lvadgear@live.com

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