LVAD Backpack

The LVAD BackPack is made to carry your working LVAD or your spare equipment

  • Available in HeartMate or HeartWare Styles
  • Elastic shoulder straps absorb LVAD weight, reducing body fatigue
  • Protects LVAD and all cords
  • Conceals LVAD, no one will ever know you have a medical device
  • Water resistant, no worries if you get caught in the rain.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps, one size fits all
  • Low profile, slim design
  • The Controller pocket fits well with the HeartMate 2 & 3
LVAD Back Pack

Our LVAD BackPack is made of sturdy, water-resistant canvas, and is lined with a soft liner. This LVAD Backpack has a secure place for your batteries and controller. The back and bottom are lined with shock absorbing foam to protect your equipment. Heavy duty zippers come apart at the bottom on both sides of the backpack to allow your driveline to exit the backpack safely and conveniently. The LVAD back pack also accommodates a driveline on either side.  Zippers are also covered all the way around to protect against rain.

This product was suggested and subsequently tested by numerous LVAD recipients. One customer noted that she could even ride in the car comfortably with this on her back. The foam liner pads the back so you don’t feel the LVAD.  The slim, 3” depth is hardly noticeable and fits with your body to reduce fatigue. The whole profile is only 10” wide by 13” tall, making it convenient for use anywhere.

We stock 2 versions to accommodate either the HeartMate or HeartWare brand LVAD’s. Please, be careful to check the correct version prior to ordering.

Please note this item is water resistant, not waterproof. Do not use as a shower bag, bathing, or swimming. It is not waterproof.