LVAD Shoulder Bag


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Designed to carry your working LVAD.  Features weight absorbing strap. Shoulder bag divided in center to seperate batteries, allowing it to sit flat against your body.  When sitting, you have complete freedom of nothing hanging on you.  Feels so wonderful!


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AN LVAD Shoulder BAG Designed to carry your functioning LVAD

Featuring our shock and weight absorbing strap, this LVAD Shoulder Bag takes all the weight and pressure off your neck an shoulders. Great for traveling, lounging around the house, or use it all day as your main tool for carrying your LVAD.  Black quilted material on the inside covered by heavy twill on the outside.

  • Padded to protect your equipment.
  • Special  adjustable weight absorbing shoulder strap.
  • Handle at top for carrying by hand.
  • Divided into two pockets each sealing at top with Velcro, holds batteries and controller safely.
  • Belt clip along side to keep it close to your body when walking or bending.

2 Replies to “LVAD Shoulder Bag”

    1. The newly redesigned shoulder bag works with either type LVAD (HeartWare or HeartMate). It is currently only shown in Black, but we also have a Khaki color and two new ladies rose patterns. All are in stock, just not shown. If your interested in one of the item not shown, please contact me on the contact us page.

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