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    1. Hi Gary, we have discontinued the coupon deal. I believe it has been taken off the website now. It only applied to a handful of potential customers that tried to order, but the site wouldnt take their credit cards. It was an incentive to get them back, but it didn’t work and only upset regular customers.
      Respectfully, Brent

  1. Great Company with outstanding customer service. We had to return a shirt after my father passed away. Not only was this easy, but they also put a handwritten note on my invoice.

  2. Dear Shop
    I have a question.
    My fhather have a Lvad Heartmate III.
    Can I have a measures of your t-shirt for my correct buy by your web site?
    I mean the chest and length measurements for each size.
    Thanks, Claudio Fanni

    1. If your on the website and click on the HeartMate shirt photo, the size chart will come up. Here are the sizes for your convenience.
      sm 30-32
      med 34-36
      lg 38-40
      xl 42-44
      2x 46-48
      3x 50-52

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