HeartMate LVAD Shirt

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Designed to be worn underneath your clothing

COLORS: White or Black
SHIPPING: Orders ship the following day by USPS “Priority Mail” shipping” we now offer first class and priority mail.

HeartMate Tank Top LVAD​Please review size chart below before ordering

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HeartMate LVAD Shirt are made to hide your LVAD, so you can wear normal clothing over your LVAD shirt.

Added features to make LVAD Life easier!

LVAD ShirtsVelcro closure on top of battery pockets keep batteries secure during activity. Heavy spandex absorbs the LVAD weight.

Technology is our Friend!

Anti-Microbial Protects against odors, stains, and deterioration caused by bacteria.

Moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry.

LVAD Shirts available in either black or white in sizes for everyone from small to 4XL.

HeartMate LVAD Shirt Features

  • Velcro closure keeps battery secure while you’re active
  • Heavy spandex hides battery shape and absorbs the weight
  • Anti-microbial material protects against odors, stains, and wear caused by bacteria
  • Moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry
  • Velcro loops hold extra cord and keep it close to your shirt for protection and concealment
  • Elastic band on controller pocket to keep controller in place
  • Comfort pad behind controller keeps heat away from body
  • Spandex material on the front controller pocket allows heat to escape

HeartMate LVAD Shirt Reviews:

  • I got the LVAD Shirt and it’s Awesome! I love it and the pocket on the right is great for the controller. Karen
  • Mike Loves the new LVAD Shirt!!! Maureen
  • Your Shirt has transformed my husband’s daily routine from totally exhausting to simple…We are both delighted with the comfort and fit of your designed LVAD Shirt. Joyce
  • WOW am I impressed with your LVAD Shirt. It feels and fits great. Love the comfort and coolness of the fabric, the way you designed the pockets for the batteries ad the location of the controller pocket. This shirt makes me feel free. Thanks for designing and selling this shirt. It has changed my life carrying the LVAD equipment. PS I ordered two more to keep them fresh!! Jeff
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Washing Instructions:

Machine wash cold.
Do not bleach.
Tumble Dry Low Heat.
Do not iron.
Do not dry clean.

The HeartMate LVAD Shirt are designed to be worn under your clothes and discretely conceal your LVAD device.

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Black, White


Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

39 reviews for HeartMate LVAD Shirt

  1. Christine Huber (store manager)

    My name is Christine Huber and I am a LVAD Coordinator at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO. I think the products you have created for the LVAD population is incredible! I have so many patients who want or need an alternative wearable for their equipment, specifically one that provides them the ability to be hands free while also concealing the equipment in a secure manner. This eases their fears of being perceived as “unusual” or “intimidating” because they have equipment attached to their body and reduces their anxiety about the securement of their device components. . Your product has given patients the opportunity to resume participating in their favorite activities and encourages mobility, both of which are invaluable for the patients.

  2. Simon Hunt (store manager)

    At the risk of lacking originality, the LVAD T-shirt has been a total game changer for me. The design is clearly the result of careful thought and despite being one of the most expensive pieces of clothing I own (especially after paying shipping to the UK), it has been worth every last penny. Freedom from the dreaded shoulder bag has made my life more comfortable and easier, as well as eliminating the drop risk. Thank you LVAD gear!

  3. Ray Numbers (store manager)

    The LVAD shirt was received quickly. It is very comfortable and make carrying all the equipment very easy. We’ve ordered 2 more since receiving the first short!

  4. Amps Josephine (store manager)

    Thank you
    Order received quickly product very very well as described and serious they are really very good. I will recommend without any problem
    thanks again

  5. James M Norman (store manager)

    great shirts , great price, quality, great customer service will purchase again I highly recommend this company

  6. Tammy Little (store manager)

    Very pleased with the LVAD shirts we ordered from LVAD Gear. I would highly recommend this product.

  7. Carolyn Williams (store manager)

    I ordered the shirt for my husband he was so excited to get his shirt. When the shirt arrived, he immediately tried it on and was very happy. The shirt fits perfect! It helps balance the batteries and the controller which takes the weight off of his shoulders. Ordering the shirt was easy with the help of Mrs. Paula who made our experience pleasant. Thank you!!

  8. Mildred Childers (store manager)

    These shirts have made my husbands life so much easier. He got his LVAD in February 2020. He wasn’t comfortable in anything he wore. These shirts are well worth the money. We will be ordering more.

  9. William Howe (store manager)

    The shirts are made in the USA, have the seam on the inside, making on and off easier. Thanks for the freedom your shirts provide!

  10. Edward Wetmore (store manager)

    They not only have great service, they also have fast shipping. I bought one of the white T-shirts or undershirt and loved it so much I had to buy a second one in black. Someone had a fantastic idea. The bag that I was sent home with was weighing me down. I just didn’t care about going out with it around my neck or shoulder but the freedom the shirt brings is totally awesome. I feel like a knew person. Now you can’t hold me back. I would very highly recommend one of these to anyone with an LVAD. I will definitely be back for more of these.

    • julie (store manager)

      Thanks Edward for your great review and business! We wish you the best!
      Take care, Brent and the entire LVAD Gear Team

  11. Wade (store manager)

    Wow! Thank you. Yesterday was my 7 year anniversary of my LVAD. Your shirts have been my best tool for living with the LVAD. It makes wearing and caring for the equipment a breeze. I recommend them to all the LVAD patients I mentor.

  12. Heather E. (store manager)

    Thank you for giving my husband back his freedom!  He hated going out with the vest or a bag and with your shirts he goes everywhere without thinking about it.  People don’t stop him and ask questions because you can’t see all the equipment.

    This is our second order and we’re still thrilled with these shirts!!

  13. Janie R (store manager)

    I’ll never forget the day my husband got his first LVAD T-shirt! It made such a difference having everything close to the body and concealed. The sleep belts are great too. Everyone at LVAD Gear are so nice and easy to work with. If you have a problem or question all you have to do is call them.

  14. Julie (store manager)

    Purchased the black T-shirt for my mother she is only 100 lbs and the size small is perfect for her. Great quality. Going to order the white one.
    I wish they made the ladies tank for the heart-wear machine.

    • julie (store manager)

      Good Morning Julie,

      Thanks for your business and review!

      You can order a Heartware LVAD Tank Top online at: https://lvadgear.com/product/lvad-tank-top-for-heartware/ It’s a unisex tank top at this time. We don’t have pictures with a women wearing the Heartware LVAD Tank Top yet. More to follow. We are also launching a black tank top ladies LVAD Tank Top for HeartWare very soon! Check back!

      Thanks again and take care,


  15. Robert albiston (store manager)

    This is my 5th shirt first time for tank top but love all my shirts makes life for me so much easier

  16. Paul Muehler (store manager)

    I am very pleased with my lvad shirts, but I am even more pleased with the personal service I received when ordering the shirts. The personal consideration given to my concerns and needs is something you do not find very often in this time in our society. Thank you for all the help you have given me. May God bless you and your business.

  17. Cindy P. (verified owner)

    I order the gear for my husband and he love it. I should have ordered it sooner. It has made things so much easier for him. And his confidence level is up in such a short time. Thanks!

  18. Edward Brown (store manager)

    Amazing shirt made life a lot easier.

  19. Marc Rumpf (verified owner)

    LVAD shirt has given me more freedom and the shirt feels well on the body. Liked it so well I order another one.

  20. Alice Floyd (store manager)

    The LVAD shirts and sleep belt from this company were a game changer. We tried several other recommended products, and none came close to returning us to as close to normal activity as possible. We got a personal call when my son accidentally ordered a shirt that would not have worked for us. Thanks you so much for developing and producing these products.

  21. Lorraine Jones (store manager)

    My father is 5 weeks post op with the lvad device. These shirts have made such a difference in his ease of life. we ordered the tshirt and the sleep belt both have been awesome. He actually loves sleeping in the shirts because he feels so secure in the placement of the controller and driveline. Thank you for your innovative design! As I have read many replies and you have asked if you can post these on your website, yes, yes, yes! I can’t say enough about the life changing support these shirts have given my father.

  22. Theresa Weeks (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these for my husband – game changer! He loves it – just ordered two more.

  23. Barbara Gosiewski (store manager)

    Hi Brent, My husband is a new Lvad wearer. your shirt has made a difficult learning process easier. He likes the fabric and tight fit. The pockets are in just the right spot and hold his equipment so they don’t slide around. Thanks. Barb

  24. Blake M (store manager)

    • Blake M.(verified owner)

      Great Company with outstanding customer service. We had to return a shirt after my father passed away. Not only was this easy, but they also put a handwritten note on my invoice.
      Blake M.

  25. Jeanetta Miller (verified owner)

    My husband has been trying to figure out how to wear his LVAD so it’s safe, comfortable, and not bulky. Your brilliantly designed LVAD shirt makes all of this a reality. Thanks so much
    Jeanetta Miller

  26. Carroll Glasscock (store manager)

    Thanks for creating these shirts. They are great. I have three of them and love them.

  27. Patricia (store manager)

    My husband loves these shirts. Thank you for your ingenuity in creating this shirt. It has made his LVAD life easier! This is my 4th shirt order! Would love a coupon (hint hint). Thank you.

  28. Steven Wilson

    Awarded the heartmate3 on Apr 30. I despise the holster!!!! Is this comfortable?? Does look good.

  29. Neal Johnson

    Question please – in your illustration of the HEARTMATE shirt it spear that the control line is much longer than mine, given the anchor and all. Is there a minimum length of the control line necessary for the practical use of your shirt? Thanks.

  30. SUE


  31. Delbert Minske (verified owner)

    I received my LVAD for HeartMate 3 today and it is great. This makes the fifth one I have purchased, four from Etsy and now from lvadgear. Ordering was easy not confusing. I received the shirt in less than a week. I look forward to purchasing additional t-shirts in the near future. Thank you

  32. Larry Newby (verified owner)

    I’m going to really enjoy the LVAD shirts once I finish healing. I’m a couple of weeks past discharge and things are still bit tender. Even at that, when I tried one on it fit very nicely (I ordered mediums – I’m a little under 5′ 6″, 136 pounds, chest 37″ – squarely between a small and a medium.) It’s going to be the solution when I’m healed up and especially when the weather gets warmer. It’s great to have all the equipment in one garment. It makes getting dressed much easier, and everything is balanced and out of sight.

  33. suusan parker

    I absolutely love the heartmate shirt! The weight of the equipment is distributed perfectly. Wish you had a tank shirt to wear in the summer. The shirt sleeves show underneath the top shirt as well as adds to the heat of summer.

  34. Deborah (verified owner)

    I just wanted to tell you that the LVAD shirt fit my husband perfectly! It relieved him from the pressure on his neck and back. He was so pleased with it that I just ordered another one in the color black.

    Thank you,

  35. Cheryl Pool (verified owner)

    My husband had his LVAD put in in Memorial day so we are still learning the ropes but we were thrilled when we received his t-shirt. It is so much more comfortable than all of those straps and harnesses. Thank you for your endeavors to make this life easier!

  36. a.g.morisch (verified owner)

    So pleased with your product. Reduces the physical fatigue and mental stress associated with wearing an lvad thank you so much!! We are so happy!!

  37. Karen (store manager)

    I got the LVAD Shirt and it’s Awesome! I love it and the pocket on the right is great for the controller.

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Jose Vasquez
5 months 28 days ago

Need to get a LVAD shirt
Does it come fitted or is it loose..
Using a small one but it’s different than the one seen here..

30 days 23 hours ago

Our shirts are true to size, however, if your fit is tighter at your current size I would purchase one size up to ensure the right fit. Plus, we also will exchange if the fit isn’t correct. Hopefully this answers your question.

30 days 23 hours ago


3 years 5 months ago

I need3x shirt but am a little confused about driveline. It comes out on MY LEFT SIDE, so would I order a left side shirt?

3 years 5 months ago

If you have a left side driveline you would order a left side shirt. Sometimes people that wear the 2x and 3x don’t have enough driveline to reach the center so we move the pocket a little to one side or the other. We can also put it in the center if requested.

Martin Goers
4 years 6 months ago

I had my heart mate 3 surgery 3 weeks ago and I’m looking for lvad shirts, the problem I’m having is I wear 3x so I’m looking for a 4x since you say they run small. Any help or ideas would be great

4 years 6 months ago

Hello Martin,
Thanks for asking, unfortunately the 3xlarge is the largest size we have for the heart mate 3 at this point. We may be expanding the line in the future in which case it may suit your needs better. You might try the 3xlarge size and see how it fits you. If it is not to your liking/ or fit we can refund your purchase. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

4 years 6 months ago


4 years 6 months ago

Hi Sue
The HeartMate shirts fit either the HeartMate 2 or 3. Thanks for asking

Jeanette Lanksbury
4 years 6 months ago

I am purchasing this shirt for my brother and am not sure which option to choose for the drive line placement. Please explain.

4 years 6 months ago

Hi Jeanette, If the size is xl or smaller it doesn’t matter which side the Driveline exits his body. On the 2x and 3x we move the controller pocket closer to where the driveline exits the body. Sometimes people don’t have enough driveline to reach the center of the shirt in these sizes. Hope your brother is doing well.

Neal Johnson
4 years 6 months ago

Question please – in your illustration of the HEARTMATE shirt it spear that the control line is much longer than mine, given the anchor and all. Is there a minimum length of the control line necessary for the practical use of your shirt? Thanks.

4 years 6 months ago

In surveying people we found most people have a minimum of 18″ of driveline. So all our products are made to accommodate 18″ of driveline. On the 2x and 3x sizes we move the controller pocket to the side with the driveline, so there is enough to reach the pocket. It is pretty rare someone doesn’t have enough driveline to reach the pocket.

Claudio Fanni
4 years 6 months ago

Dear Shop
I have a question.
My fhather have a Lvad Heartmate III.
Can I have a measures of your t-shirt for my correct buy by your web site?
I mean the chest and length measurements for each size.
Thanks, Claudio Fanni

4 years 6 months ago

If your on the website and click on the HeartMate shirt photo, the size chart will come up. Here are the sizes for your convenience.
sm 30-32
med 34-36
lg 38-40
xl 42-44
2x 46-48
3x 50-52