HeartMate LVAD Shirt

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Designed to be worn underneath your clothing

COLORS: White or Black
SIZES: S-3XL (note-size run small, recommend ordering 1 size larger)
SHIPPING: Orders ship next day by Priority mail

Sizes run small
​Please order 1 size larger then you wear OR use adjusted size chart below

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Added features to make LVAD Life easier!

LVAD ShirtsVelcro closure on top of battery pockets keep batteries secure during activity.  Heavy Spandex material hides battery shape and absorbs battery weight

Technology is our Friend!

Anti-Microbial Protects against odors, stains, and deterioration caused by bacteria.

Tru-Dri is a moisture wicking material to keep you cool.

HeartMate LVAD Shirt are made to hide your LVAD, so you can wear normal clothing over your LVAD shirt.

LVAD Shirts available in either black or white in sizes for everyone from small to 3XL. The HeartMate LVAD Shirt are designed to be worn under your clothes and discretely conceal your LVAD device.

Did you know there are 2 different LVAD Controllers?

Do you have a HeartMate or HeartWare Controller?

HeartMate LVAD Controller

Picture of a HeartMate LVAD Controller

Purchase a LVAD HeartMate Shirt

LVAD HeartWare Controller Picture

Picture of a LVAD HeartWare Controller

Purchase a LVAD HeartWare Shirt

HeartMate LVAD Shirt Features

  • Velcro closure keeps battery secure while you’re active
  • Heavy spandex hides battery shape and absorbs the weight
  • Anti-microbial material protects against odors, stains, and wear caused by bacteria
  • Tru-Dri moisture wicking material keeps you cool and dry
  • Velcro loops hold extra cord and keep it close to your shirt for protection and concealment
  • Elastic band on controller pocket to keep controller in place
  • Comfort pad behind controller keeps heat away from body
  • Spandex material on the front controller pocket allows heat to escape

What Customers are Saying About HeartMate LVAD Shirt:

  • I got the LVAD Shirt and it’s Awesome! I love it and the pocket on the right is great for the controller. Karen
  • Mike Loves the new LVAD Shirt!!! Maureen
  • Your Shirt has transformed my husband’s daily routine from totally exhausting to simple…We are both delighted with the comfort and fit of your designed LVAD Shirt. Joyce
  • WOW am I impressed with your LVAD Shirt. It feels and fits great. Love the comfort and coolness of the fabric, the way you designed the pockets for the batteries ad the location of the controller pocket. This shirt makes me feel free. Thanks for designing and selling this shirt. It has changed my life carrying the LVAD equipment. PS I ordered two more to keep them fresh!! Jeff


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Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL


White, Black

Drive-line Placement

Left, Right

15 Replies to “HeartMate LVAD Shirt”

  1. So pleased with your product. Reduces the physical fatigue and mental stress associated with wearing an lvad thank you so much!! We are so happy!!

  2. My husband had his LVAD put in in Memorial day so we are still learning the ropes but we were thrilled when we received his t-shirt. It is so much more comfortable than all of those straps and harnesses. Thank you for your endeavors to make this life easier!

  3. I just wanted to tell you that the LVAD shirt fit my husband perfectly! It relieved him from the pressure on his neck and back. He was so pleased with it that I just ordered another one in the color black.

    Thank you,

  4. I absolutely love the heartmate shirt! The weight of the equipment is distributed perfectly. Wish you had a tank shirt to wear in the summer. The shirt sleeves show underneath the top shirt as well as adds to the heat of summer.

    1. Hi Susan
      Thank you for the nice review of our shirt. We are aggressively working on a tank top version. I expect to have it done and on the website in a couple months.

  5. I’m going to really enjoy the LVAD shirts once I finish healing. I’m a couple of weeks past discharge and things are still bit tender. Even at that, when I tried one on it fit very nicely (I ordered mediums – I’m a little under 5′ 6″, 136 pounds, chest 37″ – squarely between a small and a medium.) It’s going to be the solution when I’m healed up and especially when the weather gets warmer. It’s great to have all the equipment in one garment. It makes getting dressed much easier, and everything is balanced and out of sight.

    1. I know your going to love this shirt, It is by far our most popular item. If you wear a heavier shirt with a pattern it will hide the outline of the LVAD completely. No one will know you have it!
      Best wishes my friend.

  6. I received my LVAD for HeartMate 3 today and it is great. This makes the fifth one I have purchased, four from Etsy and now from lvadgear. Ordering was easy not confusing. I received the shirt in less than a week. I look forward to purchasing additional t-shirts in the near future. Thank you

  7. I had my heart mate 3 surgery 3 weeks ago and I’m looking for lvad shirts, the problem I’m having is I wear 3x so I’m looking for a 4x since you say they run small. Any help or ideas would be great

    1. Hello Martin,
      Thanks for asking, unfortunately the 3xlarge is the largest size we have for the heart mate 3 at this point. We may be expanding the line in the future in which case it may suit your needs better. You might try the 3xlarge size and see how it fits you. If it is not to your liking/ or fit we can refund your purchase. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  8. I am purchasing this shirt for my brother and am not sure which option to choose for the drive line placement. Please explain.

    1. Hi Jeanette, If the size is xl or smaller it doesn’t matter which side the Driveline exits his body. On the 2x and 3x we move the controller pocket closer to where the driveline exits the body. Sometimes people don’t have enough driveline to reach the center of the shirt in these sizes. Hope your brother is doing well.

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