Men’s Leather LVAD Vest


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FASHION & FUNCTION: The Leather LVAD vest is made with a lightweight leather that can be used year round.   It was created to look fashionable and completely hide the LVAD. The leather LVAD Vest features battery pockets on the inside, located under the arms for comfort and balance.  Battery pockets lock batteries in place with Velcro.  There are 3 pockets on the inside in which to hide your HeartMate Controller.  The side pockets lock shut with snaps leaving a lightweight cell phone pocket.  The vest is intentionally long enough to hide your drive-line completely but carefully patterned for fashion and function.  For HeartWare LVAD’s please purchase the “HeartWare controller Pack shown at the bottom of the page.  Batteries will still fit nicely in the vest.

Inside Leather LVAD Vest

  • 1 large pocket divided into separate compartments for Battery and controller.
  • Made with made with 1.2-1.3 mm milled cowhide
  • Reinforced shoulder support
  • Inside cell phone pocket
  • Long enough to hide your drive-line.
  • Extra cord is tucked into pocket.

LVAD Battery Holder

  • LVAD Battery Holder
  • Inner satin liner
LVAD Controller Pocket Vest
  • Controller pocket on each side to accommodate left or right drive-line.
  • Securely snaps shut
  • Customer Comment:

    • You will forget you’re wearing an LVAD Kelly C.

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    4 Replies to “Men’s Leather LVAD Vest”

    1. I am wanting to order the leather vest, but am curious as to sizing. I believe I need an XL, but a lot of times how things are sized variates. If I order an XL what do I do if it does not fit right? Can it be returned for another size? Thank you.

    2. I’m loving the leather vest. I’m a couple of weeks past discharge, so things are still healing up, and the vest doesn’t press on any tender places. The vest is FAR more comfortable than anything else I’ve tried. My back no longer hurts and I don’t waddle when I walk. And it looks really nice – you can’t really tell I’ve got an LVAD. I did find I need to arrange things differently than the photo. I have a HeartMate 3, and the left battery cable is barely long enough to reach the controller if it’s in the right snap pocket. So I swap the positions of the controller and right battery.
      Perhaps a future solution would be to place a cell phone pocket on the right side as well as the left, so I could put the controller there. It might need to be a bit sturdier, but it would avoid having to stretch to the snap pocket. But with the current design, swapping the controller and right battery works for me. I am delighted with it as is!

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