Ladies LVAD Tank Top for HeartMate


The LVAD tank top has a looser fit for supreme comfort. The tank was designed for Comfort, Safety and concealment. It is 100% manufactured in the USA!
HeartMate Tank Top LVAD​Please review size chart below before picking your size

Chest/bust Size
36 SM
38 MED
40 LG
42 XL
46 2X
48 3X
50 4X
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The LVAD tank top has a looser fit for supreme comfort.

The tank was designed for Comfort, Safety and concealment.

It is 100% manufactured in the USA!

The Controller pocket fits well with the HeartMate 2 & 3

•    “Loose fit” made with ultrathin spandex Mesh fabric
•    Elastic Battery Support that absorbs battery weight going over shoulder.
•    Proprietary Controller Packet Design forces heat away from body.

•    Upright Controller Pocket with cinching elastic top to keep secure
•    Velco closers on battery pockets
•    Velcroloops hide and protect cables
•    All pockets double stitched for safety

•    Scooped neckline hides below most dress shirts
•    Sleeveless
•    Pocket design conceals shape of battery

What Makes LVAD Gear’s HeartMate Tank Top The Best?
•    “Loose fit”made with ultrathin cool spandex Mesh fabric for comfort and to dissipate heat and sweat.
•    Heavy spandex fabric to support batteries with little or no sagging over a full day of wear.
•    Battery Pockets have heat reflecting material between body and batter, heat escaping Fabric towards outside forces heat outwards away from the body.
•    Controller Pockets are made to secure your devices and with our signature top control fabrics to push heat way from the body.

LVAD Tank Top for HeartMate Washing Instructions:

Machine wash cold.
Do not bleach.
Tumble Dry Low Heat.
Do not iron.
Do not dry clean.

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10 reviews for Ladies LVAD Tank Top for HeartMate

  1. Susan Shaw (store manager)

    Received ladies tshirt very quickly. Wonderful material. Unbelievably comfortable.
    A game changer.

  2. CYNTHIA CLARK (store manager)

    My daughter found your website & told me about it so I ordered 2 of the women’s tank tops & I am very please with them. Very comfortable & I love how they speed the weight of your batteries & control around. .

  3. Debra Treadwell (store manager)

    I love my LVAD tank top! I will purchase more, I have had my VAD for four years and have had several types of shirts, and vest can’t believe I waited so long to try! I’m in love comfortable and less bulky!

  4. David T (store manager)

    I got one of your shirts & was amazed that it was exactly like something I would have made. No contest between the joke holster furnished by Thoratec. They ought to buy your shirts! Only problem- sleeves are too long. Didn’t know about the tank top till I looked at your website so I got one of those too. 5 out of 5

  5. Elizabeth (store manager)

    Not gonna return because, I love it! Thank you for making a shirt for these awkward attachments. Gonna order another soon. Great Job!

  6. Alice Floyd (store manager)

    The LVAD shirts and sleep belt from this company were a game changer. We tried several other recommended products, and none came close to returning us to as close to normal activity as possible. We got a personal call when my son accidentally ordered a shirt that would not have worked for us. Thanks you so much for developing and producing these products.

  7. Michelle Keeler (store manager)

    I have bought from this company twice now. The tank tops work great. My husband wears one every day. The customer service is wonderful. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an LVAD product. Sincerely, Michelle

  8. Bobs wife Heidi (store manager)

    My very finicky husband just got his first LVAD shirt and loves it. It’s so much better than the man purse he got from the hospital that he keeps accidentally dropping 🙄, and so much more convenient than holster he got from the hospital with the maze of adjustable straps that he can never seem to correctly assemble. We will be ordering more ! Thank you for this awesome product.

  9. Nancy Davis (store manager)

    My husband loves the new tank top style for the Heartmate. I ordered a third one today. They are well made and we like the fabric and the style.These shirts hold his batteries in a comfortable position and the shirts help him to be comfortable all day. We have 2 of the version with short sleeves, and my Lvader likes them a lot, but he is happier with the tank top version without sleeves. We would love to see this in black. Thank you for making these shirts.

  10. Stephanie Anderson (store manager)

    I just got my tank top today . It’s super comfortable and finally I get relieve from the weight on my back! I just wish I had the choice of an extra small as I’m a petite person and it’s a little big . That’s the only complaint I have though other than that I’m definitely bringing this to Disney World with me in November. Its definitely worth the money !

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Would chest size correlate to ones bra size?

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They do not match up exactly. The chest size is a measurement completely around the chest. The bra size is just a measurement of the band. So a larger cup size would add inches. The best way to measure is to go around the bust line. This would be equal to the chest size.