Mesh LVAD Vest

We listen to our customers!

The LVAD Mesh Vest idea came from an LVAD Vest customer in Arizona. The Mesh LVAD Vest was designed with all the features of the original vest, but provides a cooler alternative. The Mesh LVAD Vest features the adjustable elastic shoulder straps that absorb the weight of your LVAD Gear. Our LVAD vest has a controller pocket on each side to accommodate either side driveline. Battery pockets are made of solid cotton twill to support the battery weight.

LVAD weight

2 colors to choose from

White Mesh LVAD VestBlack Mesh LVAD Vests

Direct From our LVAD Gear Customers:

  • Jerry loves the LVAD Vest! Thanks Again Jerry and Sandra
  • Just wanted to let you know that my brother is really enjoying his vest. It’s so nice not having the “man -purse” hanging from his shoulder all the time! ida
  • Thank you for all your help in ordering my dads LVAD vest. He received it and loves it! Fits perfect and very comfortable!! Deni
  • Just wanted to say thank you for the great LVAD vest, I wear it daily. Thank you again Mary

Fashion Note: Many people wear their LVAD Vest under other clothing such as blazers, sweatshirts, or just regular shirts and it works with all of them!  The LVAD Equipment is still balanced and secure.  The coolness of the Mesh LVAD Vest makes it perfect for this.

Plus, it’s easy to use the restroom when its all attached above the waist!


Golfing, hiking and hunting are only a few of things that are possible when you have a great LVAD Vest!  At LVAD Gear, we get many pictures of customers enjoying LVAD Life with their LVAD vests, shirts, and bags. Keep sending them, as we love to see you enjoying the products we designed to make your life easier!

Mesh Vest

Enjoying the warm Wisconsin summer in my Mesh LVAD Vest Brent


Our annual family “Take dad golfing for fathers day day”. Having an LVAD didn’t slow me down, and my game actually got better!

For HeartWare LVAD Shirts order the separate "controller waist pack"