Use a HeartMate / HeartWare LVAD Shirt and Continue with Your Normal Life

Use a HeartMate / HeartWare LVAD Shirt and Continue with Your Normal Life

Living after a heart failure is hard, but not impossible. Technology is advancing everyday, and so is everything around it.

A Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) gives patients with heart failures a second chance for an ordinary life. We don’t want to sound ungrateful and it is true that devices are getting designed smaller and smaller but carrying a LVAD all the time is a bit uncomfortable. Carried in a bag it could get heavy for some users, it slowdowns our daily routines and might be a real nightmare when traveling.

When Brent, the owner of LVAD Gear received his LVAD, he knew something had to be done to make the life with an LVAD easier. This is why we introduce the HeartMate LVAD Shirt and the HeartWare LVAD Shirt as the perfect way to continue with your life without additional bothersome setbacks.

Benefits about the HeartMate and HeartWare LVAD Shirt are:

Safety First

A double-locking system that will secure your controller and will keep it safely connected. The top of the battery pocket is secured by a Velcro seal and will keep them in place during various activities. The shape of the battery is concealed by a special material that absorbs the battery weight. Do not worry; there is a window on the pocket that lets you read all the valuable information from the system.

Perfect For Active People
The shirt material contains coating with Anti-Microbial technology that protects against stains, odors and other decay caused by bacteria. Besides this coating, the shirt is made from spandex (polyester) which fits well around your body and keeps you dry and cool during hot days via its anti-moisture properties. This is the same material used in the professional sportsmen equipment. This material is “breathable” and lets you inner heat escape.

Variety Matters

There is a wide selection of sizes when you have to choose your HeartMate and HeartWare LVAD shirt. LVAD Gear offers sizes are from Small to 3XL. Since the LVAD shirts are generally designed to be worn under your clothes they are available in white and black.

Carrying LVAD equipment should not be a burden anymore! The HeartMate LVAD Shirts and the HeartWare LVAD Shirts are here to let you forget about this artificial life preserver and just continue with your normal life. Everybody deserves LVAD Gear!

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