Learning how to travel with your LVAD

Packing up your LVAD equipment and dressing change material and meds is crucial. For equipment, I used a 26″ suitcase on wheels to pack my night machine, battery charger, extra batteries, then wrapped them all in 1.5” foam. I packed them tight and also added some dressing change supplies. This was my Traveling LVAD Bag. I also carried a heavy extension cord and a plug that went from 3 to 2 prong in case the hotel did not have grounded outlets. All of the fair to good hotels do and some even have handicap rooms close to the front. They don’t advertise it, or usually charge more, so you have to ask. Being able to travel alone is a freedom that can’t be explained, but it sure is beautiful.

I also use a checklist for packing that covered all machines, dressing change materials, and all medicines including the “as needed meds”. There is nothing worst than that feeling you forgot something – the check list eliminates that.

Learning how to travel with your LVAD
LVAD dressing changes

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