The Golfer LVAD Vest

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LVAD and a love for golfing. This product is a game changer in LVAD Life, not just your golf game. It is also great for other activities that require full range of motion.

  • Complete unobstructed range of motion.
  • 4” wide waist belt distributes weight between shoulders and waist.
  • 2” elastic shoulder straps absorb weight.
  • Shoulder and waist straps have a large amount of adjustability.
  • Improves posture.


Introducing the LVAD Golfer Vest: Unleash Your Potential in Every Aspect of Life!

Our innovative LVAD Vest empowers individuals with an LVAD to embrace a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. Not only does it provide exceptional support for everyday activities, but it also enhances your ability to engage in a wide range of physical endeavors.

This item is built using a Posture Correcting back brace.  It has structure built in to help the user reduce backaches or other problems from carrying their LVAD.  Alterations are made, pockets added, and more to finish the total unit.  The controller and battery pockets are all proven systems with double-locking closures made of Velcro to ensure your safety.

It is easy to put your LVAD device in.  We suggest you stand at a table and load the unit while it is on a table.  Then slip one arm through the hole on the proper side.  Do the same with the other side.  Slip your other arm through the other armhole.  Now that it is entirely supported on your back, wrap the waist belt around your waist and lock it with velcro.

There are other hidden features like the velcro loops to hold your cables in place.  Works with either side driveline.  The controller and batteries are mostly covered to protect them.

Coming Soon: Experience a More Descriptive Demonstration with Our Upcoming Video!

This vest is made for the HeartMate device. For Heartware users, we highly recommend also purchasing the HeartWare Controller Pack.

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8 reviews for The Golfer LVAD Vest

  1. Joe Finch

    Best one I have used so far. I am a very active person in my mid thirties and this allows me to maintain my previously active lifestyle without restriction, except for swimming of course. It is comfortable wearing while driving, working, sleeping, and allows me to still be a terrible golfer. Highly recommend for those unfortunate enough to have to have an lvad like me.

    • Brent (store manager)

      I am so glad that you reviewed this product. It is new, and we are hoping it frees up the user. I hope your golf game improves.

  2. Chad Greene

    Great product. Holds comfortable to my frame and allows for free flowing movement.

    • Brent (store manager)

      This item was made specifically to be lightweight and to free up the LVAD user. Thanks for letting us know that you enjoy it.

  3. Allison Anderson

    This product is a game changer when it comes to being able to move around freely and without worry! It’s light and comfy and I highly recommend!

    • Brent (store manager)

      We are so glad that you like our new product. The Golfer LVAD Vest was made for people with LVADs to be able to be more active in their lives. Thank you for recommending it.

  4. Phil McMaster

    Best product out there in this horrible situation, I have tried other amazon stuff for my active life style, to no avail, like the shooting jackets….puhhhh. From an LVAD wearer myself, this is the best you can get without having an LVAD at all. You can’t see it from the front, and only a slight bulge in the back. I am very active as a Sr. Manufacturing Plant Engineer actively crawling around machines and this rarely ever causes me issues over the stuff the hospital gives you. Outside of work, woodworking, shooting guns, motorcycle riding, wife/girlfriend time!!!, you can’t beat this breakthrough.

    • Brent (store manager)

      Wow! Thank you for reviewing The Golfer LVAD Vest so positively. We created this vest to be a game changer and am glad that is working so well for you. We really think we have a winner with this item, and that it will help others be more active with their LVAD. So glad you LOVE it!

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