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An LVAD Messager bag for women or men

Designed for carrying emergency gear

  • Carries all the LVAD emergency gear
  • Shown below in all 4 styles
  • Lined with 1/2″ of shock absorbing foam to protect gear
  • Special stretchy strap to absorb the weight of the gear
  • Cover flap secures with velcro
  • Special silk lining soft on equipment
  • Available in 2 colors: Black or Green

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Black Cordura, Green Cordura, Black Vinyl, Brown Cordua

2 Replies to “Messenger Bag”

  1. Hello, on the messenger bag is it possible for you to show me a picture or explain how the exit wire goes into the bag so I can understand how it will work? Because you don’t have any pictures that actually show if the wires come in the side of the bag or if they have to come through the opening between the flap in the bag at the top.

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