FUNCTION: The ladies LVAD vest is made with an ultra lightweight faux leather that feels like suede. It was created to look fashionable and completely hide the LVAD. The Ladies LVAD Vest features battery pockets on the inside, located under the arms for balance. There is a controller pocket on each side to accommodate a left or right drive-line. All pockets lock shut with Velcro on top, keeping batteries and controller secure and giving you peace of mind. The vest is intentionally long enough to hide your drive-line completely but carefully patterned to fit and highlight the shape of a woman.

4 inside pockets

Battery pockets on each side of the Ladies LVAD Vest distribute weight evenly resulting in less muscle fatigue. The controller pockets on each side next to the battery pockets allow for left or right drive-lines.

FASHION: Inspired by customer requests, we developed a fashionable LVAD vest just for ladies. We searched nationwide for a fashion designer with the “Compassion” and talent to create more than just another way to carry an LVAD. The goal was to be fashionable, completely hide it, and be ultra comfortable with the LVAD equipment. Our designer (preferring anonymity) shown here modeling the vest, took on our challenge. She searched for a material sturdy enough to hide the shape of the equipment, but soft and supple to be comfortable and rich looking. The Faux leather material used is lightweight but achieved all our goals. She then finished it off with a soft silky lining like all the designer brand fashion vests. The pattern she created comes down to the hip, completely covering the drive-line and providing the perfect fit for women. While our designer does not live on an LVAD; she was the first one to test it. She wore the LVAD vest for an entire week before presenting it! Now, that’s compassion and dedication! Currently, she has one that she frequently wears just for fashion!

  • Controller pocket on each side to accommodate left or right drive-line.
  • 1 large pocket divided into seperate compartments for Battery and controller.
  • Long enough to hide your drive-line.
  • Extra cord is tucked into pocket

For HeartWare LVAD Shirts order the separate "controller waist pack"